Saturday, November 5, 2011

November Spawned a Monster

The 11th month of the year, always finds me anxious and leaves me feeling miserable. November is my least favorite month of the year (with March running a close second).

The weather is a big factor.  It usually rains a lot this month.  And it's usually that bone-chilling sort of rain that does nothing but encourage the growth of leaf-mold-spores.  If it's not raining, then we get those frigid mornings that turn into bright, chilly, windswept afternoons.  All you can do is put on sunglasses to avert the glare because the trees no longer filter any of the light - also, the sunglasses help block all the debris that's being kicked up from going into your eyes.   Finally, there are those overcast days that promise snow (but usually just deliver more cold rain) that round out the month's meteorological foolishness.

The topaz month usually heralds the start of my hypochondria...oh yes, usually sometime early in the month I start with a cavalcade of odd symptoms that vex me for the next thirty to sixty days.  Every week I am convinced that I have something drastic and incurable.  Untold late night visits to Web MD usually make things even more terrifying.  This is not anything new for me.  For as long as I can recall, I usually feel ill in November.  It might start with sleeplessness, and then morph into something upper-respiratory, and eventually make it's way to the disease of the week.  Is it any wonder that I started taking Paxil in November many years ago? 

Finally, November brings my least favorite holiday; Thanksgiving.  Oh, I have nothing against a big meal.  It's just all the damn drama that goes along with it.  Sitting around a table with people that you try to avoid the entire year.  Embarrassing remarks made by certain family members, people passed out on the sofa while a football game plays on the TV...and of course, everyone is breathless in anticipation concerning the upcoming Xmas season.

So yeah, not a big fan of November in general and it's weather, holidays or malaise.  And don't get me started on the bullshit that is "Black Friday".  If I had my way, I'd go into hiding and not emerge until Xmas Eve.

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